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HIndi And Indian Sms
>> Laloo: 2 his P.A.: Itne khilari kyun football ko laat mar rahe hai? P.A.: Goal kar ne k liye. Laloo: Susra, Ball to pahle se hi gol hai aur kitna gol karenge.!
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>> Abhi bole to bhai ko tere SMS nahi aarele, Bhai ka khopdi boht tight he, Bol nikalu kya tera luky draw? bole to do-char SMS chipka dal mamu. Sender…Circuit Bhai.!
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>> Aik Munder main buri neeyat wale gaeb ho jate they.Amitab gya wog gayab, Hirithik gya woh gayab,Akshey gya woh gayab, Ashwarya gai Bhagwan gayab
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