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If you are looking for a RSS feed for your site which will supply jokes, you can simply use the feeder available.
Random Jokes Feeder link: http://freesms.parijat.biz/jokefeed.php You can use a RSS reader to feed this information to your site.
A simple use is being done on Funtelya website

Do not have a RSS Reader?

No Problem, we got you covered. You can use the link http://freesms.parijat.biz/randomjoke.php in you site to get the content. You may need to include this link in your site code to retrieve the information. example shown in PHP

>> Life is a hell when u have american wife. indian salary. chinese car and german food. life is heaven when you had american salary, indian wife german car and chinese food
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>> love is the name,kiss is the game forget the name lets play the game
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>> God made man and then rested. God made women and then no one rested
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